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The Adventures of Moby BETA Released.

2009-04-09 09:43:44 by WrayProductions

Origionally proposed as a small game to keep my little brother ammused while i babysat him resulted in me uploading it to the tinterweb.

The Adventures of Moby (The Collector) will be the first in a line of platform games to demonstrate how random mine and my brothers mind is. The aim of the game is to collect all of the items dotted around the map in order to exit through a door. The items i have chosen to collect were the first things that came into my head while building this game (E.G. Baked Beans, Haddock in a recycle basket).

When it came to the task of designing this game i called across to my little 4 year old brother, who happily drew me a few character designs. I then scanned them into my laptop and animated them in flash. The soundtrack that you hear looping throughout the game is created on sibelius 4 by moi, but don't let it annoy you when it loops constantly.

The Adventures of moby is a light hearted family game with no element of death or violence involved. Although there is talk of introducing enemies in the sequel, and giving a weapon to Moby, this will only consist of a water/bubble gun.

As a friend once told me, "sometimes simplicity is best".

To Play Click on the link below.

<a> ew/490656<a>

The Adventures of Moby BETA Released.